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Level: National / State
DOS: Jim Beatty
Judge(s): Jeff Nicoll, Norman Biggs, Robert Whittlesea, Jim Beatty
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's/X'sX'sAvgRatingTotal
Open Female Compound
1stTwining, AnnaEden Field ArchersWA 70/1440128756178.9487.01287
2ndFrochtenicht, CharlotteEden Field ArchersWA 70/1440114131117.9269.01141
3rdSmith, BrionySouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 70/144011221957.7967.01122
Open Female Recurve
1stPanetta, MariagraziaAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/14409451026.5654.0945
Open Female Longbow
1stBarber, KatelynTorrens Valley ArchersAA 50/1440982716.8238.0982
Open Female Barebow Recurve
1stRieckmann, MarianneCressy BowmenWA 60/144010221637.1052.01022
Open Male Compound
1stCoghlan, PatVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 90/1440138594409.62114.01385
2ndHawes, BrandonCressy BowmenWA 90/1440131764289.1598.01317
3rdTurner, JoshuaEden Field ArchersWA 90/1440129359228.9894.01293
4thCornwell, DarrynSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 90/1440128758178.9493.01287
5thFrochtenicht, PeterEden Field ArchersWA 90/1440128250198.9092.01282
6thWebb, JoshHills ArchersWA 90/1440125947208.7489.01259
7thWildman, BaileyEden Field ArchersWA 90/14400000.000.00
Open Male Recurve
1stde Mello, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/144010541247.3267.01054
2ndSouphandavong, SimonAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/144010532187.3167.01053
3rdWebb, ThomasSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 90/144010141867.0464.01014
4thSignorelli, JoelVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 90/14409891136.8762.0989
5thReeves, ShaneAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/1440417104.3426.0417
6thColson, HarleyAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/14400000.000.00
6thWaeraas, PatrickSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 90/14400000.000.00
Open Male Longbow
1stBarber, IanTorrens Valley ArchersWA 60/1440865206.0142.0865
2ndBetterman, TristanCressy BowmenWA 60/1440270101.886.0270
Open Male Barebow Compound
1stProios, GeorgeEden Field ArchersWA 70/1440698204.8539.0698
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stJessup, RyanGreat Southern ArchersWA 70/144010501117.2961.01050
50+ Female Compound
1stBetterman, MargaretCressy BowmenWA 60/144011813268.2066.01181
50+ Female Recurve
1stFavre, ChristineAdelaide Archery ClubWA 60/144012002388.3369.01200
50+ Female Longbow
1stMiels-Barber, SharonTorrens Valley ArchersAA 50/1440684004.7520.0684
50+ Male Compound
1stLamperd, EdwardKalamunda Governor Stirling ArchersWA 70/1440135977339.44101.01359
2ndLange, MichaelBarossa Archery ClubWA 70/1440135679289.42100.01356
3rdHann, StevenAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/1440134472399.3398.01344
4thHerrmann, GrantBarossa Archery ClubWA 70/1440133165299.2495.01331
5thSefer, SasaThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncWA 70/1440131360269.1292.01313
6thMcDonald, MichaelGreat Southern ArchersWA 70/1440128541148.9287.01285
7thVine Hall, JohnEden Field ArchersWA 70/1440126344158.7784.01263
8thSchuster, JasonCressy BowmenWA 70/144012042468.3676.01204
9thBagnell, PaulVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 70/14400000.000.00
50+ Male Recurve
1stOpie, GregEden Field ArchersWA 70/144012073078.3876.01207
2ndFavre, Jean-MichelAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/1440117626128.1773.01176
3rdFores, AndrewSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 70/144011703478.1372.01170
4thCaon, DanielAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/14409331046.4853.0933
50+ Male Longbow
1stHockley, AnthonyCressy BowmenAA 50/1440547003.8013.0547
50+ Male Barebow Recurve
1stPellew, MatthewBarossa Archery ClubWA 60/14401005956.9851.01005
2ndCoulson, JamesEden Field ArchersWA 60/1440914636.3545.0914
60+ Female Compound
1stBiggs, ShirleyGreat Southern ArchersAA 50/1440130553229.0672.01305
2ndMoylan, WendyCressy BowmenAA 50/1440130056159.0371.01300
3rdBraddy, VickiGreat Southern ArchersAA 50/1440127342138.8467.01273
4thMartin, SueAdelaide Archery ClubAA 50/1440125941108.7465.01259
60+ Male Compound
1stStaples, GarryCressy BowmenWA 60/1440131559219.1385.01315
2ndBird, KymSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 60/1440128747158.9480.01287
3rdKowalski, TomEden Field ArchersWA 60/1440128647208.9380.01286
4thWoods, LesGreat Southern ArchersWA 60/1440123235108.5673.01232
5thHolmes, BillEden Field ArchersWA 60/14400000.000.00
60+ Male Recurve
1stDall, IanThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncWA 60/1440124135118.6274.01241
2ndFry, GeoffEden Field ArchersWA 60/14401032707.1753.01032
60+ Male Longbow
1stHay, BobTorrens Valley ArchersAA 50/144010251367.1241.01025
70+ Female Recurve
1stSmith, NolaSouthern Vales Archery ClubAA 50/144011181767.7649.01118
2ndStrutton, LydiaVictor Harbor Archery ClubAA 50/144010751577.4745.01075
70+ Male Compound
1stOsborne, KennethAdelaide Archery ClubWA 60/14400000.000.00
70+ Male Recurve
1stParsons, NicholasAdelaide Archery ClubWA 60/1440928736.4446.0928
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