Selection Criteria
  This is the unofficial ranking list for Archery Australia.
It shows results from all events recorded on the system
including club shoots.

The scores are made up from the highest degraded
rating from any event. Ratings are
degraded by 2 points per month (30.4 days). (Clout scores
are degraded by 5 points per 30.4 days)

You can also see where you rank in your Club by
selecting from the RGB drop-down list.

1Stuart AtkinsOpenMaleCrossbowCanberra Archery Club 110.1
2Peter MarchantMasterMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 107.5
3Nathan Rowley20 & UnderMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 105.7
4Rachel MorganOpenFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 104.5
5Aaron LowtherOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 103.5
6Gregory BlundenOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 103.0
7Astin DarcyOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 99.6
8Louise RedmanOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 99.1
9Melissa MonganOpenFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 97.6
10Glen HuntOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 94.9
10Adrian ExcellOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 94.9
11Chris GoodmanMasterMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 94.8
12Crae KilbyOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 93.4
13Jason HurnallCadetMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 93.0
14Conan HallOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 92.7
15Michael RowleyMasterMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 92.2
16James MurphyMasterMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 80.8
17Stephen SlackOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 80.7
18Jason SchusterOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 79.5
19Rory SmithOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 79.1
20Matthew WhiteOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 75.7
21Brenton PerryOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 75.5
22Brett FewsonMasterMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 71.1
23Jessica CoxCadetFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 70.7
24Christopher OckerbyOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 69.7
25Adrian ExcellOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 69.6
26Michael TherinOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 69.3
27Lawrence SalvestroOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 69.0
28Andrew BlundenVeteranMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 68.9
29Alec FarmerCadetMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 66.1
30Steven BennettOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 66.0
30Cherie TheyersOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 66.0
31Claire JohnsonOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 65.5
32Patrick SergiOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 64.0
33Caitlin SlackIntermediateFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 63.6
34Alexandra FeeneyOpenFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 63.2
35William NeateVeteranMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 61.9
36Eon CoffeyVeteranMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 61.1
37James MillerMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 61.0
38BJ RamirezOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 59.7
39Nicholas SlackCadetMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 59.4
40Neil MartinOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 57.2
41Mark BartlettOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 55.2
42Mark Bartlett..OpenMaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 54.9
43Hao HeOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 54.6
44Kym BennettOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 53.9
45Greg PierceOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 52.4
46Andrew HeldonMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 52.3
47Mark NewnhamMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 52.2
48Anthony JamesOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 51.1
49Mark Bartlett..OpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 50.5
50Samuel Duncan20 & UnderMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 47.0
51Matthew RaynerOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 46.8
52Andy LindsayVeteranMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 46.4
53Michelle DanielMasterFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 46.0
54Lana BarbourOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 45.3
55Frances AtkinsOpenFemaleCrossbowCanberra Archery Club 44.1
56Indigo NewnhamIntermediateFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 43.4
57David PinchbeckMasterMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 43.1
58Mark BartlettOpenMaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 42.9
59Bryce RobertsonVeteranMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 42.4
60Marcel ChaloupkaMasterMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 41.6
61Alex MagersCubMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 41.5
61Rob MeriganOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 41.5
62Andy MacdonaldOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 39.9
63Alex JustOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 39.6
64Lauren TherinCubFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 38.5
65Julie LyonsOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 38.4
66Greg CoxOpenMaleCrossbowCanberra Archery Club 38.2
67Caroline LindsayMasterFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 37.9
68Patrick DunnCubMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 37.6
69Alejandro GutierrezVeteran+MaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 37.1
69Kym AllenOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 37.1
70Donna HurnallMasterFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 34.1
71Bernie GarinOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 33.9
72Jack Giesaitis StowIntermediateMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 33.3
73Arthur PearceCadetMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 32.8
74Riasat ZamanOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 32.6
75Allan JonesOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 32.4
76Iwan Van HagenOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 31.5
77Nicholas SlackCadetMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 31.2
78Michael JardOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 30.3
79Stephen WagnerOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 29.8
80Peter RobertsonOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 29.2
81Robert MaguireMasterMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 29.0
82Joseph NevilleOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 28.6
83Katrina CristofaniOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 28.4
84David PearceMasterMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 28.0
85Olivier Van HagenCubMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 27.3
86Heath CooperOpenMaleCrossbowCanberra Archery Club 27.1
87Robert MaguireMasterMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 26.8
87Caitlin SlackIntermediateFemaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 26.8
88Rui YuOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 26.6
89Donna HurnallMasterFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 25.7
90Neil StaffordOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 25.6
91James BarehamMasterMaleBarebow CompoundCanberra Archery Club 25.1
92Giles CarrollOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 25.0
93John DowdenOpenMaleCrossbowCanberra Archery Club 23.9
94Greg IllingworthOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 23.7
94Tanja FarmerOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 23.7
95Marcel ZuccatoIntermediateMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 23.5
96Brett FittlerOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 22.9
97Jacqueline GreenOpenFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 22.4
98Jarrod RossiterCadetMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 22.0
99Ben BerryOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 21.6
100Glen BrownOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 21.3
101Peter RobertsonOpenMaleLongbowTuggeranong Archery Club 20.7
102Rachel FaullOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 20.7
103Lucy Yang20 & UnderFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 20.3
104Joseph NevilleOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 20.0
105Patrick GodwinOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 19.6
106Paul CristofaniMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 19.2
107Abbey HallMasterFemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 19.0
108Ben CristofaniCadetMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 18.1
109Greg PierceOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 17.3
110Emily RuskinIntermediateFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 16.5
111Zoe BassalettiIntermediateFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 16.3
112Alejandro GutierrezVeteran+MaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 16.2
113Ken KuaOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 16.0
114Aidan Innis20 & UnderMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 15.9
115Neal HardyVeteranMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 15.5
116Christopher JacksonCubMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 15.0
117Eduardo MartinezOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 14.4
118Paul CristofaniMasterMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 13.9
119Olivia LowOpenFemaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 13.8
120Jamie ColemanOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 13.8
121Les WoodsVeteranMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 13.5
122Mark Bartlett..OpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 13.3
123Andrew LindsayOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 13.0
123Will HoffOpenMaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 13.0
124Neil MartinOpenMaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 12.3
125George GordonOpenMaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 12.1
126Maddie SalvestroCadetFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 11.6
127Melissa MonganOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 11.3
128Ian BrownMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 10.5
129David BrookesOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 10.4
130Jackson LowOpenMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 10.2
131Jason SchusterOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 9.7
132Caitlin HorneCadetFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 9.4
133Clinton WylieMasterMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 9.2
133Sam BarlingOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 9.2
134Jack WelchCubMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 9.0
135David PearceMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 8.5
136Cherie TheyersOpenFemaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 7.7
137Paul SmithMasterMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 7.1
138Pat BarlingMasterMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 7.0
139Darren MallettOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 6.4
140Martin O'BrienVeteranMaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 6.1
141Libby ThorsbyOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 6.0
142Griffyn Davies20 & UnderMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 5.6
143James BarehamMasterMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 5.5
144Luka BillingCadetMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 5.1
145Daniel MolanOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 5.0
146Kathryn EltonOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 4.8
147Ian CrawfordMasterMaleLongbowTuggeranong Archery Club 4.1
148David AustinOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 3.7
149Dennis LuobikisVeteranMaleLongbowTuggeranong Archery Club 3.7
150Glenn BrownOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 3.2
151Craig NewberyOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 2.3
152Jason BaldwinOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 2.1
153Abbey HallMasterFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 1.3
154Louise FosterOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 0.6
155Matthew PawsonCubMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 0.2