RGB Rankings


This is the unofficial ranking list for Archery Australia.

It shows results from all events recorded on the system including club shoots.

The scores are made up from the highest degraded rating from any event. Ratings are degraded by 2 points per month (30.4 days). (Clout scores are degraded by 5 points per 30.4 days)

You can also see where you rank in your Club by selecting from the RGB drop-down list.

1Nathan RowleyOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 106.6
2Robbie McGawOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 104.1
3Rachel MorganOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 103.2
4Christopher JacksonOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 101.7
5Byron BoucherOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 100.4
6Alex SmithOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 100.3
7Christopher JacksonUnder 18MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 98.3
8Stuart AtkinsOpenMaleCrossbowCanberra Archery Club 97.0
9Rodger SutherlandOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 94.4
10Glen HuntOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 93.6
11Eduardo Delos ReyesOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 92.4
12Craig Colbourne50+MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 90.4
13Kellie McGawOpenFemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 89.4
14Andrew MerzOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 88.5
15Joseph NevilleOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 87.7
16Stephen SlackOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 84.0
17Christopher JacksonUnder 21MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 83.2
18Andrew Rixon50+MaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 81.9
19Chris Goodman50+MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 80.9
20Jadein BurnsPara W1MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 77.2
21Finlay ClarkeOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 71.5
22Craig ColbourneParaMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 71.2
23John Frey50+MaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 70.7
24Jadein BurnsOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 69.6
25David FengOpenMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 67.3
26Todd Devine50+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 67.1
27Tricia ReynoldsOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 66.9
28Jacob EveringhamOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 66.3
29Hyde PembertonOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 66.0
30Mark BartlettOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 65.9
31Caitlin SlackUnder 21FemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 65.8
32Brian Curren70+MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 65.6
33Neil E Martin50+MaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 65.5
34Brad Hunt50+MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 63.6
35Luke Pettit60+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 62.9
36Adrian YeeOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 62.5
37Christopher JacksonUnder 16MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 60.2
38Thuy-an VuOpenFemaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 60.0
39Neil StaffordOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 57.5
40Xayah WintersOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 57.3
41Dominik SuchockiOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 56.3
42Aaron DunnOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 56.1
43Stephen Kerr60+MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 55.8
44Imrahil LeederOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 55.5
44Zachary JorgeOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 55.5
46Milton Treeby50+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 54.8
47Mike Jackson50+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 54.3
48Mark Bartlett50+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 53.1
48Angus JansenOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 53.1
50Michelle Daniel50+FemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 52.7
51Mark Newnham60+MaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 52.6
52Cadence McGawUnder 18FemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 51.8
53Brenton PerryOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 51.4
54Andrew KerrOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 51.0
54Steve Perfrement60+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 51.0
56Stephen SlackOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 50.3
57Clinton ShepardOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 50.0
58Clinton Wylie60+MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 49.9
59Lara JerichoOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 49.4
60Alexander SearleOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 49.1
61Adrian Yee50+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 48.9
62Wayne Gorst60+MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 48.4
63Yufeng ZhouOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 48.3
64Patrick ManiyomUnder 16MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 45.6
65Simon FosterOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 45.5
66Karen Lavender50+FemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 45.3
67Lee CorbyOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 44.3
68Georgy FalsterOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 44.0
69Elke YeeUnder 16FemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 43.6
69Simon Foster50+MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 43.6
71Peter Fargey70+MaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 43.3
72Eliza BellUnder 18FemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 42.8
73Greg Owens50+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 42.7
74Jack Giesaitis StowUnder 21MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 42.6
75Andrew RixonOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 42.5
76Yufeng ZhouOpenMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 41.5
77Cherie Theyers50+FemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 41.4
78Lara JerichoUnder 21FemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 41.3
79Andrew Taylor50+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 41.2
79Carla BoylanOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 41.2
81Angus LawrieOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 40.7
81Pavi AlphonseOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 40.7
83Issac McGawUnder 18MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 40.2
84Paul Richmond50+MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 39.9
85Cadence McGawUnder 21FemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 39.8
86Alexander SearleOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 39.7
87Klara FayOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 39.6
88Georgy FalsterOpenFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 39.3
89Lijuan RenOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 38.7
90Ken KuaOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 38.0
90Jeff Newton50+MaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 38.0
92Simon Foster60+MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 37.5
93Miley WoollastonUnder 14FemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 37.4
93James Armstrong50+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 37.4
95Owen BartoshUnder 14MaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 37.3
95Mark BartlettOpenMaleBarebow CompoundCanberra Archery Club 37.3
97Craig NewberyVI 1MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 36.5
98Giles Carroll50+MaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 35.9
99Adam CrawfordOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 35.8
99Fiona MurrayOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 35.8
101Doug Lawrie60+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 35.2
102Tianna ClarksonOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 35.1
103Issac McGawUnder 21MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 34.6
104Wendy Thompson70+FemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 34.4
105Byron BoucherOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 34.1
106Max ReitsmaOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 33.8
106Evan VavoulasOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 33.8
108Dana Hynes50+FemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 33.6
109Alex MagersUnder 18MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 32.6
110Jason WrightOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 32.5
111Alex GreggOpenMaleBarebow CompoundCanberra Archery Club 32.4
111Cheryl Grgurinovic60+FemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 32.4
111Brent Mackenzie50+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 32.4
114Antony ValeOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 32.3
115Ava MullerUnder 14MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 32.2
116Ryan RixonUnder 16MaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 32.1
117Geoff Earley70+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 31.8
118Cody SullivanUnder 16MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 31.5
119Max ReitsmaOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 31.4
119Louise RedmanOpenFemaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 31.4
121Jade StewartOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 30.6
122Eliza BellUnder 16FemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 30.5
122Alexander GorringOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 30.5
124Violet LoweUnder 18FemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 30.2
124Jacob EveringhamOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 30.2
124Elizabeth BrewUnder 16FemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 30.2
124Elizabeth BrewUnder 18FemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 30.2
128Kaleb BaldwinOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 29.9
129Rylan FleischerUnder 16MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 29.8
130Nishchal DiviUnder 18MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 29.4
131Connor McHughUnder 21MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 29.0
132Robbie McGawOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 28.9
132Doug Lawrie60+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 28.9
134Evan Vavoulas50+MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 28.0
135Peter Thomas60+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 27.8
136Mike Jackson50+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 27.6
137Richard MartinOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 26.7
138Kilby BakerOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 25.9
139Oliver OrgillOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 25.4
140Alexander EveringhamUnder 14MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 25.3
140Christopher HickinOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 25.3
140Wayne SparkOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 25.3
143Maya MackenzieUnder 16FemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 24.3
143Douglas Jackson50+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 24.3
145Jorja ScottUnder 16FemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 24.1
146Tim PotterOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 23.8
147Song-E WorrellOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 23.5
147Dana Hynes50+FemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 23.5
149Bronwyn Houlden60+FemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 23.4
150Maya MackenzieUnder 16FemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 23.3
151Alan Avent70+MaleLongbowTuggeranong Archery Club 23.2
151Daniel CurrallOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 23.2
153Elliott ArmstrongOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 23.0
154James FreyUnder 21MaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 22.7
154Seren RowlinsonUnder 18FemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 22.7
156Harrison RichmondUnder 16MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 22.6
157Jessica ThomasOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 22.5
158Cherie Theyers50+FemaleLongbowTuggeranong Archery Club 21.7
159Malte Stien50+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 21.0
160Robyn Richmond50+FemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 20.9
161James Bareham50+MaleBarebow CompoundCanberra Archery Club 20.3
162Steve Perfrement50+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 19.9
162Cheryl Grgurinovic60+FemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 19.9
164Michael Burt60+MaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 19.8
164Michael Burt60+MaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 19.8
166Brent Mackenzie50+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 19.7
167Bridget McGarryOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 19.3
168Paul Robey70+MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 19.2
169Connor McHughUnder 18MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 19.0
170Maia WeiUnder 18FemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 18.9
171Sabrina PaulOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 18.7
172Chad BrownOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 18.6
173David MantonOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 18.2
174Andrew Drake50+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 18.0
175Jackson LowOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 17.8
176Alex GreggOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 17.6
177Seren RowlinsonUnder 16FemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 17.5
178Andrew Miles50+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 16.8
179Chris GoodmanOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 16.7
180Cody SullivanUnder 14MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 16.5
180Bruce Hall60+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 16.5
182Neil E MartinOpenMaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 16.2
183Makayla NixonUnder 14FemaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 16.1
184Alexander NorrisUnder 16MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 15.5
184Andrew HaidonOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 15.5
186Olivia LowOpenFemaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 15.4
187Peter Spencer50+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 15.3
188Rachel WhitbyOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 15.2
189Caitlin SlackOpenFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 14.8
189Wendy Thompson70+FemaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 14.8
189Malyan GilbertOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 14.8
192Byron BoucherOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 14.7
193Andrew Norrell50+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 14.6
194Vlada MakicOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 14.5
195Andrew RotheOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 13.9
196Daniel HannafordOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 13.7
197Chase CorbyUnder 14MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 13.6
197Elias LehtimakiUnder 21MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 13.6
199James RoachOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 13.5
200Mick TurnerOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 13.3
201Clinton WylieOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 12.4
202Dominik SuchockiOpenMaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 12.3
202Daelin RowlinsonUnder 14MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 12.3
204Denholm LaufmannOpenMaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 11.7
204Lianne HallingOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 11.7
206Tseng-Yu PangOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 11.6
206Caitlin SlackUnder 21FemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 11.6
208Mark Bartlett50+MaleBarebow CompoundCanberra Archery Club 10.8
208Selenia LeiUnder 18FemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 10.8
210Phillip LedgerOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 10.7
211Siwanon PaphatmethinOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 10.2
212Lijuan RenOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 10.1
213Abigail TreebyUnder 16FemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 9.9
214Cameron LoveUnder 16MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 9.8
215Dean LoweOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 9.7
216Ryan RixonUnder 18MaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 9.4
217Kristy MellorOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 9.1
217Brigitta Enders70+FemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 9.1
219Isabella TeohUnder 14FemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 9.0
220Rebecca GeorgeOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 8.7
221Sabrina PaulOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 8.4
221Amy RotheOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 8.4
223Jason LivingstoneOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 7.8
224Maya MackenzieUnder 16FemaleBarebow CompoundCanberra Archery Club 7.4
225Joshua KeeneOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 7.1
226Connor LeahyOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 7.0
227Michael Abramovic50+MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 6.8
228Kathrine LavenderOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 6.7
229Alexander RyanOpenMaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 6.6
230Kees MoerkerkeOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 6.3
231Amie DekantiosOpenFemaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 6.1
232Alex SmithOpenMaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 5.7
232Wendy Thompson70+FemaleLongbowWeston Valley Archery Club 5.7
234Shayne Di CamilloOpenMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 5.5
234Stephen SlackOpenMaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 5.5
234Michelle HannafordOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 5.5
237Jeff NewtonOpenMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 5.2
238Rosa DacicOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 5.1
238Rendeep PradeepOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 5.1
240Elliott ArmstrongOpenMaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 4.8
241Zachery MaherOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 4.7
242Violet LoweUnder 18FemaleBarebow CompoundCanberra Archery Club 4.3
242Alex MagersUnder 16MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 4.3
244William BourkeUnder 14MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 4.1
245Matthew DicksonOpenMaleCompoundWeston Valley Archery Club 4.0
246Michael Abramovic50+MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 3.9
246Theekshana SerasingheUnder 21MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 3.9
248Sam TarasuikUnder 14MaleBarebow RecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 3.7
248Tas AhmedOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 3.7
250Elias LehtimakiUnder 21MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 3.5
251Joanne Hadley50+FemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 3.3
252Tieve Halling RowlinsonUnder 21FemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 3.0
253Erik MillerUnder 16MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 2.8
253Clinton WylieOpenMaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 2.8
253Tony Magers50+MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 2.8
256Bronte MerleOpenFemaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 2.7
257Gabriel Jose Chavez GarciaOpenMaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 2.2
257Angus MolnarUnder 14MaleCompoundTuggeranong Archery Club 2.2
257Morgan GarfathUnder 21MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 2.2
260Rory DaleyUnder 14MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 2.0
261Carla BoylanOpenFemaleRecurveWeston Valley Archery Club 1.9
262Rocky Heckman50+MaleRecurveTuggeranong Archery Club 1.8
263Mark Bartlett50+MaleLongbowCanberra Archery Club 1.2
264Tegan HarrisonOpenFemaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 1.1
265Paul Smith60+MaleCompoundCanberra Archery Club 0.6
266Cameron LoveUnder 16MaleRecurveCanberra Archery Club 0.5
267Jake WilliamsOpenMaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 0.4
268Tristan HannafordUnder 18MaleBarebow RecurveCanberra Archery Club 0.1

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