Selection Criteria
  This is the official ranking list for Archery Australia.

The scores are made up from the highest degraded
rating from AA or WA registered events. Ratings are
degraded by 2 points per month (30.4 days). (Clout scores
are degraded by 5 points per 30.4 days)

You can also see where you rank in your RGB or Club
by selecting from the RGB drop-down list.

1Jonathon MilneOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesSOPA 123.7
2Danie OosthuizenMasterMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaBenara Bowmen Archery Club Inc 116.5
3Pat CoghlanOpenMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaVictor Harbor Archery Club 115.7
4Danie-Louis OosthuizenCadetMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaBenara Bowmen Archery Club Inc 113.6
4Andrew KuchelOpenMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaGreat Southern Archers 113.6
5Alan PoundMasterMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaBenara Bowmen Archery Club Inc 112.3
6Matt McDougallOpenMaleCompoundQueenslandMt Petrie Bowmen Inc 111.6
7Nathan Rowley20 & UnderMaleCompoundAustralian Capital TerritoryCanberra Archery Club 111.0
8Jeffrey CarsonOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesArmidale Archers Inc 110.1
9Remy Leonard20 & UnderMaleCompoundQueenslandMt Petrie Bowmen Inc 109.1
9Alan PoundOpenMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaBenara Bowmen Archery Club Inc 109.1
10Rory BlakeCadetMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaEden Field Archers 109.0
10Tori WatsonOpenMaleCompoundQueenslandToowoomba Company of Archers 109.0
10Justin OlexienkoOpenMaleCompoundQueenslandSamford Valley Target Archers 109.0
11Jonathon MilnePara ArcherMaleCompoundNew South WalesSOPA 108.4
12David SheltonOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesPenrith City Archers 107.9
13Dennis CarsonVeteranMaleCompoundNew South WalesArmidale Archers Inc 107.2
14Jai FrancisCadetMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaKalamunda Governor Stirling Archers 107.0
15Adam RichardsMasterMaleCompoundQueenslandMt Petrie Bowmen Inc 106.9
15Clinton WrightOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesSOPA 106.9
16Danie OosthuizenOpenMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaBenara Bowmen Archery Club Inc 106.4
17Adam BielbyOpenMaleCompoundVictoriaTwin City Archers Gippsland 105.7
18Alec PottsOpenMaleRecurveVictoriaArchers in Melbourne 105.3
19Scott BriceOpenMaleCompoundQueenslandSamford Valley Target Archers 105.2
20Hassy SfarOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesSOPA 104.9
21Elizabeth RandleOpenFemaleCompoundQueenslandSamford Valley Target Archers 104.4
22Alyssa MollemaCadetFemaleCompoundNew South WalesCessnock Target Archers Inc. 104.1
23Rachel MorganOpenFemaleCompoundAustralian Capital TerritoryCanberra Archery Club 103.9
24Kane BassettOpenMaleCompoundQueensland NorthBarrier Coast Archery Inc 103.7
24Trevor HancockVeteranMaleCrossbowSouth AustraliaCressy Bowmen 103.7
25Anna Walls20 & UnderFemaleCompoundTasmaniaVan Diemen Archers 103.4
25Peter MarchantMasterMaleCompoundAustralian Capital TerritoryTuggeranong Archery Club 103.4
25Peter MarchantOpenMaleCompoundAustralian Capital TerritoryTuggeranong Archery Club 103.4
26Graham PottsOpenMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaVictor Harbor Archery Club 102.5
27Harri Howden20 & UnderMaleCompoundVictoriaDiamond Valley Archers 102.4
28Geoff HinsbyVeteranMaleCompoundQueensland NorthBarrier Coast Archery Inc 101.7
29Remy LeonardOpenMaleCompoundQueenslandMt Petrie Bowmen Inc 101.5
29Kirk GraefOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesCoast Archers 101.5
29Taylor WorthOpenMaleRecurveQueenslandMt Petrie Bowmen Inc 101.5
30Jersey LiuOpenMaleCompoundVictoriaArchers in Melbourne 101.4
30Robert TurnerOpenMaleCompoundQueenslandSamford Valley Target Archers 101.4
30Tazmin ForrestCadetFemaleCompoundVictoriaWendouree Archery Club 101.4
31Stephan HeydenrychOpenMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaBenara Bowmen Archery Club Inc 101.3
32Scott BuscombeOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesCessnock Target Archers Inc. 101.1
33Stuart AtkinsOpenMaleCrossbowAustralian Capital TerritoryCanberra Archery Club 101.0
34Ramin AttarianOpenMaleCompoundQueenslandCentenary Archers Club 100.3
35Gregory TaylorMasterMaleCompoundNew South WalesCoast Archers 100.2
36Marcel VerstegenOpenMaleCompoundVictoriaSherbrooke Archers 100.1
37Gavin Pikes20 & UnderMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaKalamunda Governor Stirling Archers 99.9
38David BarnesOpenMaleRecurveSouth AustraliaAdelaide Archery Club 99.5
38Katrina RobinsonOpenFemaleCompoundNew South WalesSOPA 99.5
38Sho Tzin ShimOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesSOPA 99.5
39Kieran MoorsOpenMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaEden Field Archers 99.4
40Scott HagamanOpenMaleCompoundQueenslandSamford Valley Target Archers 99.2
41Ryan TyackOpenMaleRecurveQueenslandSunshine Coast Archery Club 99.1
41John HesterMasterMaleCompoundNew South WalesCessnock Target Archers Inc. 99.1
42Brian PolitisVeteranMaleCompoundNew South WalesIllawarra Archers 98.8
43Astin DarcyOpenMaleRecurveAustralian Capital TerritoryCanberra Archery Club 98.5
44Gregory BlundenOpenMaleCompoundAustralian Capital TerritoryTuggeranong Archery Club 98.4
44Mitchell CampbellOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesWarringah Archers Inc 98.4
45Benjamin PavittOpenMaleCompoundQueenslandCentenary Archers Club 98.3
46Attila BallaMasterMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaAdelaide Archery Club 98.1
46Jai FrancisIntermediateMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaKalamunda Governor Stirling Archers 98.1
47Niamh Jones20 & UnderFemaleCompoundVictoriaGreater Hamilton Archery Inc 97.9
47Mitchell CampbellIntermediateMaleCompoundNew South WalesWarringah Archers Inc 97.9
47Adrian ExcellOpenMaleCompoundAustralian Capital TerritoryWeston Valley Archery Club 97.9
48Edward LamperdMasterMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaKalamunda Governor Stirling Archers 97.7
48Adrian Angus20 & UnderMaleCompoundVictoriaMoorabbin Archery Club 97.7
49Amber ReinbottOpenFemaleCompoundQueenslandToowoomba Company of Archers 97.6
50Tazmin ForrestIntermediateFemaleCompoundVictoriaWendouree Archery Club 97.5
51John HesterOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesCessnock Target Archers Inc. 97.4
51Tony LoiOpenMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaAdelaide Archery Club 97.4
51Bailey WildmanCadetMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaVictor Harbor Archery Club 97.4
52Peter MulliganVeteranMaleCompoundQueensland NorthTownsville Target Archers 97.2
53Dylan HartOpenMaleCompoundWestern AustraliaWhiteman Park Archers 97.1
54Sarah JordanOpenFemaleCompoundNew South WalesNorthern Archers of Sydney 96.9
54Vincent GuiliaVeteranMaleCompoundNew South WalesNewcastle City Archers 96.9
55Marshall ColeMasterMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaSouthern Vales Archery Club 96.6
55Rob MilamOpenMaleCompoundSouth AustraliaCressy Bowmen 96.6
56Nathan RowleyOpenMaleCompoundAustralian Capital TerritoryCanberra Archery Club 96.4
56Mark SimOpenMaleCompoundNew South WalesCoast Archers