Tournament results

Level: Club
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's/X'sX'sAvgRatingTotal
1stPanetta, MariagraziaAdelaide Archery ClubMelbourne7111017.9060.0872
2ndAzli, FairuzAdelaide Archery ClubMelbourne683307.5956.0849
3rdHahn, GraemeHills ArchersX-Melbourne7171697.9776.0826
4thGoodyer, MarkBarossa Archery ClubX-Melbourne677937.5270.0819
5thKidman, TessKidman Archers IncMelbourne708907.8759.0819
6thde Mello, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubMelbourne7411618.2365.0815
7thMillar, DavidKidman Archers IncMelbourne7531118.3767.0798
8thLang, BruceEden Field ArchersMelbourne7051047.8359.0789
9thAshlee, CarolAdelaide Archery ClubMelbourne110001.220.0745
10thAzli, JamesAdelaide Archery ClubMelbourne474325.2734.0715
11thStrutton, LydiaVictor Harbor Archery ClubMelbourne421114.6829.0678
12thAzli, LilyAdelaide Archery ClubMelbourne392004.3627.0603
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