State Field

Level: State (WA Registered)
DOS: Glenn Martin
Judge(s): Jim Beatty
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore5's6'sAvgRatingTotal
Under 14 Female Compound
1stMoors, LillyEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Yellow33428134.6463.0334
2ndOliver, LilyEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Yellow0000.000.00
Under 14 Male Compound
1stFrochtenicht, RainerEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Yellow30018104.1752.0300
Under 16 Female Compound
1stTwining, AnnaEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue36528255.0785.0365
Under 16 Male Compound
1stWebb, TobyHills ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue38729355.3895.0387
2ndTurner, JoshuaEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue33120174.6071.0331
3rdFrochtenicht, RegardtEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue32918174.5771.0329
4thCarr, MarshallEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue2461243.4247.0246
Under 18 Male Compound
1stWildman, BaileyVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Blue37421345.1989.0374
Under 18 Male Recurve
1stReeves, ShaneAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Blue29413134.0860.0294
Under 21 Female Compound
1stGraham, GeorginaAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red3182774.4277.0318
Under 21 Male Compound
1stIneson, CallanVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red33724154.6884.0337
2ndBalla, HarrisonVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red2561043.5660.0256
Under 21 Male Longbow
1stBetterman, TristanCressy BowmenWA Field 24Mk Yellow41100.570.041
Open Female Recurve
1stJohnson, NaomiAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red0000.000.00
Open Male Compound
1stKuchel, AndrewGreat Southern ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red40917525.68116.0409
2ndMoors, KieranEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red38624375.36104.0386
3rdBlake, RoryEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red37731295.24100.0377
4thPlayer, GregoryMid North ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red37739255.24100.0377
5thSchach, ChrisEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red37131265.1597.0371
6thKilsby, BenBlue Lake ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red36724285.1095.0367
7thMamo, JustinEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red35835184.9792.0358
8thLoi, TonyAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red33627144.6783.0336
9thFrochtenicht, PeterEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red33118184.6082.0331
10thWildman, DorianVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red2912094.0469.0291
11thOliver, TimEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red29016114.0368.0290
12thCoghlan, PatVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red0000.000.00
Open Male Recurve
1stde Mello, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red32112154.4678.0321
2ndHann, StevenAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red2971774.1371.0297
3rdMacKenzie, AndrewEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red2871193.9968.0287
4thTwining, DarrenEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red223643.1052.0223
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stDu Plessis, CharlKidman Archers IncWA Field 24Mk Blue30013104.1761.0300
2ndBourne, MichaelEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue2591363.6050.0259
3rdMcPherson, JamieGreat Southern ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue184312.5634.0184
4thEdwards, PhilipHills ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue158522.1928.0158
5thDemaria, TonyEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue0000.000.00
Open Male Crossbow
1stHahn, GraemeKidman Archers IncWA Field 24Mk Red35931224.9992.0359
2ndDibdin, MarkSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red3112294.3275.0311
50+ Female Compound
1stBetterman, MargaretCressy BowmenWA Field 24Mk Red2881574.0068.0288
50+ Female Recurve
1stLewis, SallyAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red2471033.4357.0247
50+ Female Barebow Recurve
1stRieckmann, MarianneCressy BowmenWA Field 24Mk Blue214762.9740.0214
50+ Male Compound
1stBalla, AttilaAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red34025174.7285.0340
2ndVine Hall, JohnEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red32322134.4979.0323
50+ Male Recurve
1stOpie, GregEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red29211114.0669.0292
2ndHolland, MattAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red2891854.0168.0289
3rdDrown, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red2811353.9066.0281
4thLinnett, ColinEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red2611093.6361.0261
5thCaon, DanielAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red221523.0752.0221
50+ Male Longbow
1stHay, BobThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncWA Field 24Mk Yellow232633.2235.0232
2ndSteyn, NigelAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Yellow2221343.0833.0222
3rdNewton, MarkAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Yellow102021.426.0102
50+ Male Barebow Recurve
1stCoulson, JamesEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Blue2011012.7938.0201
50+ Male Crossbow
1stBlatch, PaulSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red32726154.5480.0327
60+ Female Compound
1stBiggs, ShirleyGreat Southern ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red2811773.9066.0281
60+ Male Compound
1stRowson, DavidBurilda Archery Club IncWA Field 24Mk Red36924305.1396.0369
2ndWalpole, RobertEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red35132164.8889.0351
3rdStaples, GarryCressy BowmenWA Field 24Mk Red34730164.8287.0347
4thKowalski, TomEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red34033134.7285.0340
60+ Male Recurve
1stDall, IanThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncWA Field 24Mk Red28811104.0068.0288
2ndClayfield, IanEden Field ArchersWA Field 24Mk Red240723.3356.0240
60+ Male Crossbow
1stHancock, TrevorCressy BowmenWA Field 24Mk Red33525164.6583.0335
70+ Male Compound
1stOsborne, KennethAdelaide Archery ClubWA Field 24Mk Red33322154.6382.0333
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