Fairweather Invitational - Field 9.00am practice 9.30am Start, WA 24m Field - 14/08/2022

ArcherClubClassDivisionRoundActualHandicapAllowedTotalAverageRating% GMBClassification
Bergl, ShaneGreat Southern Archers60+LongbowWA Field 24Mk Yellow154192974512.1418.032.73White
Biggs, NormanGreat Southern Archers60+LongbowWA Field 24Mk Yellow167163094762.3221.038.18Black
Clinton, LucasGreat Southern ArchersUnder 16CompoundWA Field 24Mk Blue259471904493.6050.066.67Red
Clinton, RikiGreat Southern ArchersOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red114333024161.5829.036.25
Clinton, RossGreat Southern ArchersOpenLongbowWA Field 24Mk Yellow215352244392.9931.051.67Black
Collins, AlexanderEden Field ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red392107404325.44107.0112.63Elite Silver
Coulson, JamesEden Field Archers50+Barebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue236511734093.2845.069.23Blue
de Mello, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red268721313993.7263.074.12Blue
Edwards, PhilipHills Archers50+Barebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue180442033832.5033.050.77Black
Fairweather, NickyGreat Southern ArchersOpenBarebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue292641254174.0659.090.77Gold
Fisher, MichaelSouthern Highlands ArchersOpenBarebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue34379834264.7676.0108.57Elite Bronze
Hann, StevenAdelaide Archery Club50+CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red0
Hocking, WayneHills Archers70+RecurveWA Field 24Mk Red12520001251.7432.040.00White
Holmes, BillEden Field Archers70+CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red33385934264.6382.091.11Gold
Howard, StephenGreat Southern Archers60+RecurveWA Field 24Mk Red196432554512.7246.057.50Black
Isles, CaseyAdelaide Archery ClubUnder 21RecurveWA Field 24Mk Red326661524784.5380.0100.00Grand Master Bowman
Jessup, RyanGreat Southern ArchersOpenBarebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue0
Lang, BruceEden Field Archers60+CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red328781134414.5680.088.89Gold
MacKenzie, AndrewEden Field Archers50+RecurveWA Field 24Mk Red206452454512.8649.061.25Black
Signorelli, JoelVictor Harbor Archery ClubOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red0
Strutton, LydiaVictor Harbor Archery Club70+RecurveWA Field 24Mk Red179462404192.4943.057.33Black
Vine Hall, JohnEden Field Archers50+CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red33690794154.6783.092.22Gold
Wildman, BaileyEden Field ArchersUnder 21CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red399113294285.54110.0122.22Elite Gold
Woods, LesGreat Southern Archers60+CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red308741254334.2874.082.22Red
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