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Level: Club
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's/X'sX'sAvgRatingTotal
Cub Male Longbow
1stDibdin, JamesSouthern Vales Archery ClubJunior Canberra159001.770.0159
Cadet Female Longbow
1stEvans, MeganSouthern Vales Archery ClubJunior Canberra212312.360.0212
Open Male Longbow
1stWebb, ThomasSouthern Vales Archery ClubShort Canberra411104.5718.0411
2ndDibdin, MarkSouthern Vales Archery ClubShort Canberra267102.974.0267
3rdCole, JesseSouthern Vales Archery ClubShort Canberra208002.310.0208
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stWang, PengSouthern Vales Archery ClubShort Canberra496115.5126.0496
Master Female Longbow
1stTeunissen, TanyaSouthern Vales Archery ClubShort Canberra292103.247.0292
Master Male Longbow
1stSteyn, NigelAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra6721027.4745.0672
2ndMitchell, GregSouthern Vales Archery ClubShort Canberra511725.6827.0511
Veteran Female Longbow
1stAshlee, CarolAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra247322.742.0247
Veteran Male Longbow
1stChapple, AlanAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra643627.1441.0643
2ndLech, ChristopherAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra540736.0030.0540
3rdCrase, PhilipSouthern Vales Archery ClubShort Canberra467105.1923.0467
Veteran+ Female Longbow
1stRoser, IreneSouthern Vales Archery ClubShort Canberra498435.5326.0498
Veteran+ Male Longbow
1stNicoll, JeffAdelaide Archery ClubShort Canberra414314.6018.0414
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