Ages 30-39

7/10/2019 to 8/10/2019
Level: State (WA Registered)
DOS: Graham Lock
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScoreAvgRatingTotal
Open Male Compound
1stMasters, JustinSherbrooke ArchersWA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
Open Male Recurve
1stRiddell, MartinTuggeranong Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m4667177.7754.0466
2ndElder, RobertWerribee Archers inc.WA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stDu Plessis, CharlKidman Archers IncWA Indoor 18m52718228.7870.0527
2ndBourne, MichaelEden Field ArchersWA Indoor 18m4306107.1747.0430
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Ages 40+

7/10/2019 to 8/10/2019
Level: State (WA Registered)
DOS: Graham Lock, Christopher Lowe
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's9'sAvgRatingTotal
Open Female Compound
1stBalla, MelissaVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m54418319.0783.0544
Open Female Recurve
1stDunn, Melissa-AnnIllawarra ArchersWA Indoor 18m325325.4232.0325
Open Female Barebow Recurve
1stLamberson, AtonyaIllawarra ArchersWA Indoor 18m238223.9721.0238
Open Male Compound
1stMamo, JustinEden Field ArchersWA Indoor 18m57030309.50104.0570
2ndBryen, DanielZ VisitorWA Indoor 18m54916379.1586.0549
3rdSchuster, JasonCanberra Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m5045318.4066.0504
Open Male Recurve
1stWhite, RonAmateur Archery CentreWA Indoor 18m49112158.1860.0491
2ndUndy, DaveYokine Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m46313107.7254.0463
3rdMillar, DavidSOPAWA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
Open Male Longbow
1stYoung, BrendanArchers in MelbourneWA Indoor 18m4607137.6753.0460
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stBiglione, DavidGeelong ArchersWA Indoor 18m386276.4340.0386
2ndWang, PengSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m347475.7835.0347
3rdDemaria, TonyEden Field ArchersWA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
Open Male Crossbow
1stDibdin, MarkSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m58648109.7799.0586
2ndHahn, GraemeKidman Archers IncWA Indoor 18m57840189.6393.0578
3rdFreeman, RobertKidman Archers IncWA Indoor 18m56829309.4787.0568
50+ Female Compound
1stBetterman, MargaretCressy BowmenWA Indoor 18m5178358.6270.0517
50+ Female Recurve
1stNelson-Furnell, DawnAngel ArchersWA Indoor 18m53522198.9273.0535
2ndLyons, JanineDiamond Valley ArchersWA Indoor 18m4845188.0758.0484
3rdJames, SaskiaSOPAWA Indoor 18m4706187.8355.0470
4thWeeks, SuzanneZ VisitorWA Indoor 18m4586197.6353.0458
5thDaniel, MichelleWeston Valley Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m4285117.1347.0428
50+ Female Longbow
1stKellett, FleurSherbrooke ArchersWA Indoor 18m297554.9529.0297
50+ Female Barebow Recurve
1stTremelling, DebbieAngel ArchersWA Indoor 18m48512168.0859.0485
50+ Male Compound
1stPotts, GrahamVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m57537219.58108.0575
2ndMulHolland, PeterParinga ArchersWA Indoor 18m56526339.4299.0565
3rdBalla, AttilaAdelaide Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m56022369.3395.0560
4thSimmons, MickMoorabbin Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m5378438.9579.0537
5thLeavesley, MartinAmateur Archery CentreWA Indoor 18m5104368.5068.0510
6thGoodman, ChrisTuggeranong Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
50+ Male Recurve
1stOpie, GregEden Field ArchersWA Indoor 18m55427239.2380.0554
2ndBester, DawidSOPAWA Indoor 18m54421259.0776.0544
3rdSchilling, MichaelSamford Valley Target ArchersWA Indoor 18m53629188.9373.0536
4thNelson-Furnell, PeterAngel ArchersWA Indoor 18m51112208.5265.0511
5thCaon, DanielAdelaide Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m47111137.8555.0471
6thNewnham, MarkWeston Valley Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m4686177.8055.0468
7thFores, AndrewSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
7thBradley, MarkSamford Valley Target ArchersWA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
50+ Male Barebow Recurve
1stBartlett, MarkCanberra Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m49613148.2761.0496
2ndMaguire, RobertTuggeranong Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m4649147.7354.0464
3rdNoorderbroek, RonGeelong ArchersWA Indoor 18m4607137.6753.0460
50+ Male Crossbow
1stMitchell, GregSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m57741169.6292.0577
2ndBlatch, PaulSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m57640169.6091.0576
3rdBetterman, MarkCressy BowmenWA Indoor 18m52623218.7770.0526
60+ Female Compound
1stGale, SherryVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m57737239.62110.0577
2ndBrincat, MaureenNewcastle City ArchersWA Indoor 18m53923208.9880.0539
3rdSim, PearlySOPAWA Indoor 18m50317178.3865.0503
4thBraddy, VickiSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
60+ Female Recurve
1stHole, ElizabethLiverpool City ArchersWA Indoor 18m50710248.4564.0507
2ndHansford, TraceySOPAWA Indoor 18m4787197.9757.0478
3rdHarris, SallyKalamunda Governor Stirling ArchersWA Indoor 18m4677177.7855.0467
4thMiddendorp, GerardineAngel ArchersWA Indoor 18m46510137.7554.0465
5thSmith, NolaSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m344255.7335.0344
60+ Female Crossbow
1stUpright, DeborahSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m57540169.5891.0575
60+ Female Assisted Crossbow
1stGrimston, SharonSouthern Highlands ArchersWA Indoor 18m57438189.5790.0574
60+ Male Compound
1stWalpole, RobertEden Field ArchersWA Indoor 18m56323379.3898.0563
2ndGuilia, VincentNewcastle City ArchersWA Indoor 18m56225329.3797.0562
3rdPuckridge, JeffreyBunbury Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m55117389.1888.0551
4thHarris, IanBlue Lake ArchersWA Indoor 18m5348418.9077.0534
5thKowalski, TomEden Field ArchersWA Indoor 18m5328398.8776.0532
6thColeman, AlbyZ VisitorWA Indoor 18m5207348.6771.0520
60+ Male Recurve
1stMiddendorp, GerardAngel ArchersWA Indoor 18m53323208.8872.0533
2ndMaple, ThomasSunset Coast ArchersWA Indoor 18m50115148.3563.0501
3rdSim, NormanSOPAWA Indoor 18m4707147.8355.0470
4thGambling, JulianAdelaide Archery ClubWA Indoor 18m433697.2248.0433
5thClark, AlanChewton ArchersWA Indoor 18m0000.000.00
60+ Male Longbow
1stLyons, ReeceDiamond Valley ArchersWA Indoor 18m391366.5241.0391
60+ Male Barebow Recurve
1stGillett, KevinSOPAWA Indoor 18m234113.9021.0234
70+ Male Recurve
1stHardy, RonaldChewton ArchersWA Indoor 18m4463107.4350.0446
2ndHellyer, TerryLiverpool City ArchersWA Indoor 18m4420187.3750.0442
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  • Scores shown in red indicate the archer's scoresheet has an error or is invalid. The scores displayed on this page are the valid scores that can be claimed by the archer.