Level: Club
DOS: Judge(s):
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's9'sAvgRatingTotal
1stDavey, KevinWaverley City ArchersAus Clout 125m306000.0020.0306
2ndNoorderbroek, RonGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m267000.004.0267
3rdMacKenzie, AlexanderGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m266000.004.0266
4thDwyer, DarrinYarra Valley ArchersAus Clout 125m260000.002.0260
5thLicht, GuenterDiamond Valley ArchersAus Clout 125m256000.001.0256
6thKennedy, DeanGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m241000.00-3.0241
7thStrahan, LeanneSherbrooke ArchersAus Clout 125m236000.00-4.0236
8thBowen, PaulSherbrooke ArchersAus Clout 125m195000.00-14.0195
9thAshton, NicoleGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m194000.00-14.0194
10thAshton, TomGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m193000.00-14.0193
11thWaller, DavidGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m185000.00-16.0185
12thLicht, SherynDiamond Valley ArchersAus Clout 125m171000.00-19.0171
13thMacAndrew, SusanGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m151000.00-23.0151
14thBarraclough, TrevorGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m142000.00-25.0142
15thJinks, JasonGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m139000.00-26.0139
16thShaw, DarrenGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m137000.00-26.0137
16thMann, NeilGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m137000.00-26.0137
17thWomersley, SusanneGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m136000.00-26.0136
18thMoore, ChrisZ VisitorAus Clout 125m132000.00-27.0132
19thPartridge, DavidGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m123000.00-29.0123
20thWomersley, JohnGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m113000.00-32.0113
21stBolton-Baker, AndrewGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m78000.00-41.078
22ndAnset, BrandonGeelong ArchersAus Clout 125m14000.00-76.014
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