Level: State
DOS: Jim P BarberJudge(s): Andrew Crampton
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore9's10'sAvgRatingRoundScore9's10'sAvgRatingTotal
Cub Female Compound
1stMollema, AlyssaCessnock Target Archers Inc.Aus Clout 125m32810179.1134.0Aus Clout 125m32114128.9229.2649
2ndCrampton, ClaireCoast ArchersAus Clout 125m3041168.4419.5Aus Clout 125m288758.0012.3592
Cub Male Compound
1stCrampton, HaydenCoast ArchersAus Clout 125m32111128.9229.2Aus Clout 125m31412128.7224.9635
2ndDobson, ThomasLiverpool City ArchersAus Clout 125m282897.839.9Aus Clout 125m30814118.5621.6590
3rdGunnee, IchiroCoast ArchersAus Clout 125m2961368.2215.7Aus Clout 125m281787.819.5577
4thSlender, JacksonPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 125m216406.00-9.6Aus Clout 125m262227.282.9478
5thShean, NoahPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 125m156214.33-22.7Aus Clout 125m2911348.0813.5447
Cub Male Barebow Recurve
1stChambers-McLean, JackWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 100m244616.78-13.5Aus Clout 100m221456.14-19.5465
2ndArvanitakis, BillyGreenlees Archery ClubAus Clout 100m130413.61-39.3Aus Clout 100m176614.89-29.5306
Intermediate Female Compound
1stBoyle, MadelinePenrith City ArchersAus Clout 145m3171878.8134.2Aus Clout 145m3091648.5829.7626
Intermediate Male Recurve
1stMooy, BradIllawarra ArchersAus Clout 125m3049108.4419.5Aus Clout 125m2931148.1414.4597
2ndBaldwin, DylanPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 125m277937.698.0Aus Clout 125m2801127.789.1557
3rdDuck, AlexGreenlees Archery ClubAus Clout 125m251926.97-0.5Aus Clout 125m246436.83-1.9497
4thKim, AlexSOPAAus Clout 125m215345.97-9.8Aus Clout 125m238526.61-4.1453
Cadet Female Compound
1stWalklate, Jessie RosePenrith City ArchersAus Clout 145m287957.9719.4Aus Clout 145m271627.5313.5558
2ndSimpson, AliciaIllawarra ArchersAus Clout 145m253547.037.7Aus Clout 145m266447.3911.8519
3rdWard, Charley-MayPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 145m2931068.1422.0Aus Clout 145m201205.58-5.5494
Cadet Female Recurve
1stName withheldClub name withheldAus Clout 125m283887.8610.3Aus Clout 125m2861047.9411.5569
Cadet Male Compound
1stSlender, JohnathonPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 165m32316118.9744.8Aus Clout 165m32313138.9744.8646
2ndHayes, BlakePenrith City ArchersAus Clout 165m31912118.8642.2Aus Clout 165m3111578.6437.5630
Cadet Male Barebow Recurve
1stCalandruccio, JoshWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 125m181305.03-17.4Aus Clout 125m122203.39-30.0303
20 & Under Female Longbow
1stMatthews, TaylorPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 125m9000.25-84.8Aus Clout 125m38001.06-56.747
20 & Under Male Longbow
1stHayman, Aaron Seng-YipWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 145m204525.67-4.8Aus Clout 145m204725.67-4.8408
Open Female Compound
1stJordan, SarahNorthern Archers of SydneyAus Clout 165m267727.4218.9Aus Clout 165m276927.6722.0543
Open Female Recurve
1stKing, TaylaSOPAAus Clout 145m30912108.5829.7Aus Clout 145m2951358.1922.8604
2ndSpinocchia, MelissaSOPAAus Clout 145m2891448.0320.3Aus Clout 145m284687.8918.2573
3rdMurray, JoannaSOPAAus Clout 145m285757.9218.6Aus Clout 145m265537.3611.4550
4thBryen, TracySOPAAus Clout 145m254847.068.0Aus Clout 145m2861257.9419.0540
Open Female Longbow
1stBenson, DiannSouthern Highlands ArchersAus Clout 125m202545.61-12.8Aus Clout 125m163504.53-21.2365
Open Female Barebow Recurve
1stGreenham, MeredithPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 125m286897.9411.5Aus Clout 125m274867.616.9560
2ndVaughan, KathyPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 125m242706.72-3.0Aus Clout 125m218316.06-9.1460
3rdBlinkhorne, KiriWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 125m148214.11-24.4Aus Clout 125m149114.14-24.1297
4thLamberson, AtonyaIllawarra ArchersAus Clout 125m114113.17-31.9Aus Clout 125m134203.72-27.4248
Open Male Compound
1stNeuschulz, BrentonCessnock Target Archers Inc.Aus Clout 180m33118129.1955.3Aus Clout 180m32614129.0651.5657
2ndNapoli, ShaunNorthern Archers of SydneyAus Clout 180m2999108.3136.1Aus Clout 180m2991158.3136.1598
3rdHough, AlastairPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 180m260527.2221.2Aus Clout 180m3059128.4739.0565
4thWard, ShaunPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 180m157374.36-3.5Aus Clout 180m3131688.6943.3470
Open Male Recurve
1stMurray, JaymieSOPAAus Clout 165m294998.1729.2Aus Clout 165m3141488.7239.2608
2ndTwomey, BaileySOPAAus Clout 165m256617.1115.4Aus Clout 165m260857.2216.6516
3rdCalandruccio, StirlingWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 165m223826.196.4Aus Clout 165m269747.4719.5492
Open Male Longbow
1stCrampton, AndrewCoast ArchersAus Clout 145m86202.39-31.4Aus Clout 145m104202.89-26.7190
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stAyers, CraigLiverpool City ArchersAus Clout 145m270847.5013.1Aus Clout 145m269657.4712.8539
2ndChambers-McLean, KristianWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 145m147114.08-17.0Aus Clout 145m180305.00-10.0327
Master Female Recurve
1stHole, ElizabethSOPAAus Clout 145m270637.5013.1Aus Clout 145m271927.5313.5541
2ndSimpson, JulieIllawarra ArchersAus Clout 145m245346.815.4Aus Clout 145m254227.068.0499
Master Female Barebow Recurve
1stLeung, Cynthia Shin-NgaiWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 125m223646.19-7.9Aus Clout 125m199225.53-13.5422
2ndHutchinson, LiliaWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 125m124003.44-29.6Aus Clout 125m171324.75-19.5295
Master Male Compound
1stDigby, TyroneNorthern Archers of SydneyAus Clout 180m32717129.0852.3Aus Clout 180m33414169.2857.7661
2ndMasters, RolandBurilda Archery Club IncAus Clout 180m282877.8328.9Aus Clout 180m277747.6927.0559
Master Male Recurve
1stHoskin, JohnNorthern Archers of SydneyAus Clout 165m235736.539.4Aus Clout 165m236636.569.7471
2ndHeath, KelvinCoast ArchersAus Clout 165m193325.36-0.5Aus Clout 165m258287.1716.0451
3rdCheah, SteveSOPAAus Clout 165m177424.92-3.9Aus Clout 165m247436.8612.7424
Master Male Longbow
1stBenson, GrahameSouthern Highlands ArchersAus Clout 145m239256.643.7Aus Clout 145m228316.330.9467
2ndField, RussellNorthern Archers of SydneyAus Clout 145m221746.14-0.8Aus Clout 145m240616.674.0461
3rdBell, RodneySouthern Highlands ArchersAus Clout 145m227436.310.6Aus Clout 145m199305.53-5.9426
4thWilliams, CraigKu-Ring-Gai BowmenAus Clout 145m196325.44-6.6Aus Clout 145m209635.81-3.7405
5thHayward, RickyPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 145m176124.89-10.9Aus Clout 145m167304.64-12.8343
Master Male Barebow Recurve
1stCooper, GraemeIllawarra ArchersAus Clout 145m234536.502.4Aus Clout 145m183405.08-9.4417
Veteran Female Compound
1stWright, MariaWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 165m267867.4218.9Aus Clout 165m290968.0627.4557
Veteran Female Recurve
1stCranson, DianeIllawarra ArchersAus Clout 145m266547.3911.8Aus Clout 145m254537.068.0520
2ndMartir, FlocySt George Archers IncAus Clout 145m237926.583.2Aus Clout 145m35000.97-50.8272
Veteran Male Compound
1stDobson, AlistairLiverpool City ArchersAus Clout 180m249436.9217.9Aus Clout 180m3069128.5039.5555
2ndPrestidge, AllanPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 180m259317.1920.9Aus Clout 180m125003.47-10.4384
Veteran Male Recurve
1stDawson, RonNorthern Archers of SydneyAus Clout 165m251746.9713.9Aus Clout 165m256767.1115.4507
Veteran Male Longbow
1stSheehan, RobertLiverpool City ArchersAus Clout 145m224316.22-0.1Aus Clout 145m190515.28-7.9414
2ndGirard, Kevin JamesPenrith City ArchersAus Clout 145m180325.00-10.0Aus Clout 145m174404.83-11.3354
Veteran Male Barebow Recurve
1stHayman, SimonWarringah Archers IncAus Clout 145m91002.53-30.0Aus Clout 145m116013.22-23.8207
Veteran+ Male Compound
1stDrake, DarrylSydney Bowmen Archery ClubAus Clout 180m177314.920.7Aus Clout 180m253927.0319.1430
Veteran+ Male Recurve
1stTaeker, MaxNorthern Archers of SydneyAus Clout 165m206325.722.4Aus Clout 165m225316.256.9431
2ndWaight, DarrellGreenlees Archery ClubAus Clout 165m157304.36-8.1Aus Clout 165m55001.53-34.7212
Veteran+ Male Barebow Compound
1stEggermont, WillySt George Archers IncAus Clout 165m250556.9413.6Aus Clout 165m211525.863.6461
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