WA Star

Level: Club (WA Registered)
DOS: Jim Beatty
Judge(s): Jim Beatty, Junior Alexander, Robert Whittlesea
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's/X'sX'sAvgRatingTotal
Under 14 Male Recurve
1stPitman, ChaseSunshine Coast Archery ClubAA 40/1440123928118.6057.01239
2ndAzli, JamesAdelaide Archery ClubAA 40/1440123839138.6057.01238
Under 16 Female Recurve
1stAzli, LilyAdelaide Archery ClubAA 50/144011151447.7449.01115
Under 16 Male Compound
1stBird, RyanSouthern Vales Archery ClubAA 50/1440138897389.6491.01388
2ndFrochtenicht, RainerEden Field ArchersAA 50/1440132261179.1875.01322
Under 18 Female Compound
1stTwining, AnnaEden Field ArchersWA 60/1440139096339.65103.01390
Under 18 Male Compound
1stTurner, JoshuaEden Field ArchersWA 70/1440136278289.46102.01362
2ndFrochtenicht, RegardtEden Field ArchersWA 70/1440124739148.6681.01247
Open Male Compound
1stWildman, BaileyEden Field ArchersWA 90/1440138697489.63114.01386
2ndSignorelli, JoelVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 90/1440135479299.40106.01354
3rdHawes, BrandonCressy BowmenWA 90/1440134670269.35104.01346
4thFrochtenicht, PeterEden Field ArchersWA 90/1440130550229.0696.01305
5thJones, StephenSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 90/144012623598.7689.01262
6thCornwell, DarrynSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 90/14400000.000.00
Open Male Recurve
1stDall, IanThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncWA 90/144011692588.1277.01169
2ndde Mello, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/144011282357.8373.01128
3rdAzli, FairuzAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/1440815515.6651.0815
50+ Male Compound
1stLange, MichaelBarossa Archery ClubWA 70/1440134368289.3398.01343
2ndVine Hall, JohnEden Field ArchersWA 70/1440131153119.1091.01311
3rdMcDonald, MichaelGreat Southern ArchersWA 70/14400000.000.00
50+ Male Recurve
1stDrown, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/144011852988.2374.01185
2ndCaon, DanielAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/144010361587.1960.01036
50+ Male Barebow Recurve
1stPellew, MatthewBarossa Archery ClubWA 60/144010401007.2254.01040
60+ Female Compound
1stBiggs, ShirleyGreat Southern ArchersAA 50/1440130353189.0572.01303
2ndBraddy, VickiGreat Southern ArchersAA 50/1440127347178.8467.01273
60+ Male Compound
1stPotts, GrahamVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 60/1440137383409.5398.01373
2ndStaples, GarryCressy BowmenWA 60/1440133666299.2889.01336
3rdWoods, LesGreat Southern ArchersWA 60/1440127742128.8779.01277
60+ Male Recurve
1stFry, GeoffEden Field ArchersWA 60/144011441857.9463.01144
70+ Female Recurve
1stSmith, NolaSouthern Vales Archery ClubAA 50/1440118828118.2556.01188
2ndStrutton, LydiaVictor Harbor Archery ClubAA 50/144010161017.0641.01016
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