2015 Archery SA State Clout Championships30/08/2015
Level: State
DOS: Carol AshleeJudge(s): Jeff Nicoll, Junior Alexander, Carol Ashlee
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore9's10'sAvgRatingRoundScore9's10'sAvgRatingTotal
Cub Female Compound
1stCox, AilaniAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m2731447.586.6Aus Clout 125m275547.6411.1548
Cub Female Recurve
1stLovas-Tiong, AdelynEden Field ArchersAus Clout 100m239726.64-14.9Aus Clout 100m247636.86-12.7486
2ndSureiander, AlokhaAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 100m131213.64-39.1Aus Clout 100m125013.47-40.4256
Cub Male Compound
1stBlake, RoryEden Field ArchersAus Clout 125m274877.616.9Aus Clout 125m2846117.8910.7558
Cub Male Recurve
1stSureiander, AjaayAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 100m40001.11-66.7Aus Clout 100m159304.42-33.1199
Intermediate Female Recurve
1stBlyth, ShannonAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m200525.56-13.3Aus Clout 125m287967.9711.9487
2ndCharsley, RhiannanAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m209505.81-11.2Aus Clout 125m2681027.444.8477
3rdCain, KeeleyCressy BowmenAus Clout 125m174324.83-18.9Aus Clout 125m231436.42-5.9405
Intermediate Male Compound
1stBentley, NicholasAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 145m197745.47-6.3Aus Clout 145m281877.8117.1478
Intermediate Male Recurve
1stLewis, JetAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m257737.141.3Aus Clout 125m2941238.1714.8551
2ndMoffatt, AngusAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m268787.444.8Aus Clout 125m279927.758.7547
3rdHolmes, EthanAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m141213.92-25.8Aus Clout 125m198635.50-13.7339
4thGribble, AndrewAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m127203.53-28.9Aus Clout 125m172004.78-19.3299
Cadet Female Recurve
1stMcFarlane, DanaAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m127013.53-28.9Aus Clout 125m237526.58-4.4364
Cadet Male Compound
1stIneson, CallanSouthern Vales Archery ClubAus Clout 165m3081388.5635.9Aus Clout 165m3031098.4233.4611
2ndCumming, DominicEden Field ArchersAus Clout 165m236366.569.7Aus Clout 165m2811337.8123.8517
3rdHawes, BrandonThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncAus Clout 165m267867.4218.9Aus Clout 165m240406.6710.8507
Cadet Male Recurve
1stBetterman, TristanCressy BowmenAus Clout 145m99012.75-27.9Aus Clout 145m204305.67-4.3303
20 & Under Female Recurve
1stSmith, EricaAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 145m202435.61-5.2Aus Clout 145m274757.6114.5476
20 & Under Male Recurve
1stPauley, TravisAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 165m154704.28-8.7Aus Clout 165m270867.5019.9424
2ndTansell, BraydenAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 165m172124.78-5.0Aus Clout 165m204425.672.0376
3rdBlyth, PaulAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 165m88112.44-24.1Aus Clout 165m228416.337.7316
Open Female Recurve
1stStuut, NickyCressy BowmenAus Clout 145m228746.330.9Aus Clout 145m297988.2523.8525
2ndJohnson, NaomiAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 145m256737.118.6Aus Clout 145m252737.007.4508
Open Female Longbow
1stFettke, EmmaAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m152134.22-23.5Aus Clout 125m171124.75-19.5323
2ndFettke, MelissaAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m117103.25-31.2Aus Clout 125m138313.83-26.5255
Open Male Compound
1stMamo, JustinEden Field ArchersAus Clout 180m289958.0331.7Aus Clout 180m3141388.7243.9603
2ndBalla, AttilaSouthern Vales Archery ClubAus Clout 180m251406.9718.5Aus Clout 180m30311118.4238.0554
3rdCox, JonathanAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 180m173324.81-0.1Aus Clout 180m286387.9430.4459
Open Male Recurve
1stHolland, MattAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 165m216726.004.7Aus Clout 165m209835.813.1425
2ndHahn, GraemeKidman Archers IncAus Clout 165m99302.75-21.2Aus Clout 165m221326.145.9320
Open Male Longbow
1stHodgson, GeoffThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncAus Clout 145m181235.03-9.8Aus Clout 145m227506.310.6408
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stWang, PengSouthern Vales Archery ClubAus Clout 145m160104.44-14.2Aus Clout 145m212335.89-3.0372
2ndEdwards, PhilipHills ArchersAus Clout 145m210425.83-3.4Aus Clout 145m158304.39-14.7368
Master Male Compound
1stPotts, GrahamVictor Harbor Archery ClubAus Clout 180m304978.4438.5Aus Clout 180m32914139.1453.7633
Master Male Recurve
1stDall, IanThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncAus Clout 165m241526.6911.0Aus Clout 165m3098118.5836.4550
2ndTiong, StephenEden Field ArchersAus Clout 165m170414.72-5.4Aus Clout 165m217416.035.0387
Master Male Longbow
1stHay, BobThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncAus Clout 145m205335.69-4.6Aus Clout 145m207615.75-4.1412
Master Male Barebow Recurve
1stMcQueen, DarrenBarossa Archery ClubAus Clout 145m152304.22-15.9Aus Clout 145m124213.44-22.0276
Veteran Female Longbow
1stPettman, PamAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m167034.64-18.2Aus Clout 125m130213.61-28.2297
Veteran Male Compound
1stIllman, BarryCressy BowmenAus Clout 180m155204.31-3.9Aus Clout 180m207415.757.3362
Veteran Male Barebow Recurve
1stLang, BruceEden Field ArchersAus Clout 145m230486.391.4Aus Clout 145m208235.78-3.9438
2ndBeatty, JimSouthern Vales Archery ClubAus Clout 145m187225.19-8.5Aus Clout 145m169124.69-12.3356
3rdPetersen, RicGreat Southern ArchersAus Clout 145m159324.42-14.4Aus Clout 145m166114.61-13.0325
Veteran+ Female Compound
1stAnderson, AileenAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 165m185355.14-2.2Aus Clout 165m205515.692.2390
Veteran+ Female Longbow
1stHumphries, AnnetteAdelaide Archery ClubAus Clout 125m131213.64-28.0Aus Clout 125m136113.78-26.9267
Veteran+ Male Compound
1stWelden, RobertCressy BowmenAus Clout 180m214205.948.9Aus Clout 180m274557.6125.9488
Veteran+ Male Longbow
1stBrown, AllenKidman Archers IncAus Clout 145m50111.39-43.5Aus Clout 145m116203.22-23.8166
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