Iron Arrow Enduro Field QRE, WA 24t Marked QRE - 13/03/2022

Practice: 1:30 PM
Competition(s): 2:00 PM
Judge(s): Shane Bergl
ArcherClubClassDivisionRoundTotalAverageRating% GMBClassification
Bergl, ShaneGreat Southern Archers60+CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3484.8388.097.78Master Bowman
Biggs, NormGreat Southern Archers60+LongbowWA Field 24Mk Yellow1251.7411.020.00White
Clinton, LucasGreat Southern ArchersUnder 16CompoundWA Field 24Mk Blue1792.4933.044.00Black
Clinton, RikiGreat Southern ArchersOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red1291.7932.040.00White
Collins, AlexanderEden Field ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3865.36104.0109.47Elite Bronze
Conboy, AnnabelleAdelaide Archery ClubUnder 18RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue00.000.00.00
Fairweather, NickyGreat Southern ArchersOpenBarebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue2924.0659.090.77Gold
Fores, AndrewSouthern Vales Archery Club50+RecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2753.8264.080.00Red
Harris, IanBlue Lake Archers70+CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red2563.5660.066.67Blue
Kilsby, BenBlue Lake ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3825.31102.0107.37Elite Bronze
Lange, MichaelBarossa Archery Club50+CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3625.0393.0103.33Grand Master Bowman
McPherson, JamieGreat Southern Archers50+Barebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue00.000.00.00
Moll, ShaneBarossa Archery ClubOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red1742.4242.049.41White
Mullan, TamikaBlue Lake ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3074.2674.082.22Red
Muller, ScottBarossa Archery Club50+RecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2513.4958.072.50Blue
Perry, CraigBarossa Archery ClubOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2523.5059.069.41Blue
Proios, GeorgeEden Field ArchersOpenBarebow CompoundWA Field 24Mk Blue1572.1828.037.33
Semple, BradleyGreat Southern ArchersOpenBarebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue1401.9424.034.29
Smith, NolaSouthern Vales Archery Club70+RecurveWA Field 24Mk Red1752.4342.056.00Black
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