Level: State (WA Registered)
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's/X'sX'sAvgRatingTotal
Under 14 Female Compound
1stMoors, LillySouthern Vales Archery ClubAA 40/14401123927.8044.01123
Under 14 Male Compound
1stWebb, TobyHills ArchersAA 40/1440136279369.4678.01362
2ndTurner, JoshuaEden Field ArchersAA 40/1440134864229.3675.01348
Under 16 Female Compound
1stCox, AilaniAdelaide Archery ClubAA 50/1440138796459.6391.01387
Under 16 Female Recurve
1stLovas-Tiong, AdelynEden Field ArchersAA 50/1440127135128.8367.01271
Under 16 Male Compound
1stBlake, RoryEden Field ArchersAA 50/14401394102509.6893.01394
2ndDavis, HaydenSouthern Vales Archery ClubAA 50/1440125942138.7465.01259
Under 18 Female Compound
1stStorton, SydneeBarossa Archery ClubWA 60/1440122421118.5072.01224
Under 18 Female Recurve
1stBlyth, ShannonAdelaide Archery ClubWA 60/144011712288.1365.01171
Under 18 Male Compound
1stBentley, NicholasAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/1440132964209.2395.01329
2ndNichols, DylanMid North ArchersWA 70/1440130951179.0991.01309
3rdWoolcock, LiamHills ArchersWA 70/144012633668.7784.01263
4thBishop, LincolnBarossa Archery ClubWA 70/1440125345178.7082.01253
Under 18 Male Recurve
1stReeves, ShaneAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/144011732578.1572.01173
2ndLewis, JetAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/144011231777.8067.01123
3rdMoffatt, AngusAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/144010531207.3161.01053
4thHolmes, EthanAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/1440897826.2350.0897
Under 21 Male Compound
1stIneson, CallanVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 90/1440132662269.21100.01326
2ndBlyth, PaulAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/1440129356208.9894.01293
3rdLord, JaiEden Field ArchersWA 90/1440129153158.9793.01291
4thCumming, DominicEden Field ArchersWA 90/144012322478.5685.01232
5thBetterman, TristanCressy BowmenWA 90/1440118930108.2680.01189
Under 21 Male Recurve
1stTansell, BraydenAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/14409951466.9162.0995
Open Female Compound
1stMills, RhiannonVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 70/1440135078249.3899.01350
2ndHillman, TracyLonsdale Archery Club inc.WA 70/1440131454219.1392.01314
3rdBlack, KerrenVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 70/1440126341118.7784.01263
4thSchofield-Black, LauranaVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 70/144012233098.4978.01223
Open Female Recurve
1stRieckmann, MarianneCressy BowmenWA 70/144011471967.9770.01147
2ndJohnson, NaomiAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/144010211537.0959.01021
Open Female Crossbow
1stUpright, DeborahSouthern Vales Archery ClubAustralian 96074416117.7588.0744
Open Male Compound
1stKuchel, AndrewGreat Southern ArchersWA 90/1440135878389.43107.01358
2ndPotts, GrahamVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 90/1440132569259.2099.01325
3rdKilsby, BenBlue Lake ArchersWA 90/1440132259239.1899.01322
4thMilam, RobCressy BowmenWA 90/1440131458179.1397.01314
5thMoors, KieranSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 90/1440128351218.9192.01283
6thLoi, TonyAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/1440128347128.9192.01283
7thDemaria, TonyAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/1440127550148.8591.01275
8thBalla, AttilaAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/1440127141108.8390.01271
9thKirton, BenEden Field ArchersWA 90/1440125839128.7488.01258
10thBalla, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/1440125742188.7388.01257
11thBrehin, FredVictor Harbor Archery ClubWA 90/1440124040118.6186.01240
12thStorton, RichardBarossa Archery ClubWA 90/144011291937.8473.01129
Open Male Recurve
1stHolland, MattAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/144011312047.8574.01131
2ndde Mello, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/144010632077.3868.01063
3rdHann, StevenLonsdale Archery Club inc.WA 90/144010141047.0464.01014
4thSouphandavong, SimonAdelaide Archery ClubWA 90/144010011946.9563.01001
Open Male Longbow
1stFairney, AndrewThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncWA 60/1440680724.7231.0680
2ndCain, MichaelCressy BowmenWA 60/1440487203.3821.0487
Open Male Barebow Recurve
1stCox, JonathanAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/1440511303.5528.0511
Open Male Crossbow
1stHahn, GraemeKidman Archers IncAustralian 96077819128.1093.0778
2ndMitchell, GregGreat Southern ArchersAustralian 960739727.7088.0739
3rdBlatch, PaulSouthern Vales Archery ClubAustralian 9607331477.6487.0733
50+ Female Compound
1stLewis, YvonneAdelaide Archery ClubWA 60/1440134365259.3391.01343
2ndBetterman, MargaretCressy BowmenWA 60/1440122739138.5272.01227
3rdBiggs, ShirleyGreat Southern ArchersWA 60/144012152628.4470.01215
50+ Female Recurve
1stLewis, SallyAdelaide Archery ClubWA 60/144011511937.9963.01151
50+ Female Crossbow
1stCole, KymSouthern Vales Archery ClubAustralian 960624876.5075.0624
50+ Male Compound
1stBlake, MichaelEden Field ArchersWA 70/1440128739138.9487.01287
2ndCole, GrantSouthern Vales Archery ClubWA 70/1440127142138.8385.01271
3rddu Plessis, SarelKidman Archers IncWA 70/1440124544158.6581.01245
50+ Male Recurve
1stOpie, GregEden Field ArchersWA 70/144012062588.3876.01206
2ndDrown, ChrisAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/144011752768.1673.01175
3rdCaon, DanielAdelaide Archery ClubWA 70/144011091647.7066.01109
50+ Male Longbow
1stHay, BobThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncAA 50/144010181467.0741.01018
2ndHodgson, GeoffThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncAA 50/14409881156.8639.0988
50+ Male Crossbow
1stHancock, TrevorCressy BowmenAustralian 96081129188.4599.0811
60+ Female Compound
1stMartin, SueAdelaide Archery ClubAA 50/1440134970239.3781.01349
2ndHulbert, MarieBurilda Archery Club IncAA 50/1440134270309.3279.01342
3rdWhelan, MargHills ArchersAA 50/1440130060269.0371.01300
60+ Male Compound
1stRowson, DavidBurilda Archery Club IncWA 60/1440138797429.63102.01387
2ndWalpole, RobertEden Field ArchersWA 60/1440135977379.4494.01359
3rdBlesing, GeoffCressy BowmenWA 60/1440135782359.4294.01357
4thStaples, GarryBarossa Archery ClubWA 60/1440130052179.0383.01300
5thChambers, MichaelGreat Southern ArchersWA 60/144012302458.5472.01230
60+ Male Recurve
1stDall, IanThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncWA 60/1440127942168.8879.01279
2ndFry, GeoffEden Field ArchersWA 60/144011051677.6759.01105
70+ Female Compound
1stAnderson, AileenAdelaide Archery ClubAA 50/1440376812.612.0376
70+ Female Longbow
1stPettman, PamAdelaide Archery ClubAA 50/1440724505.0322.0724
70+ Male Compound
1stOsborne, KennethAdelaide Archery ClubWA 60/1440136581409.4896.01365
70+ Male Longbow
1stPettman, DeanAdelaide Archery ClubAA 50/144010901447.5747.01090
70+ Male Barebow Recurve
1stPetersen, RicEden Field ArchersWA 60/1440760605.2836.0760
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