AA pathways program qre 2023 series 4 , am flight - 12/04/2023

Practice: 7:45 AM
Competition(s): 8:00 AM
Judge(s): Paul Beavis
ArcherClubClassDivisionRoundDist 1ScoreAverageDist 2ScoreAverageTotalAverageRating% GMBClassification
Cheras, KerryMt Petrie Bowmen Inc60+CompoundAA 40/72040m3409.4440m3369.336769.3981.495.76Gold
Davis, ChristopherMt Petrie Bowmen IncPara W1CompoundWA 50/72050m3238.9750m3138.696368.8391.60.00
Dinnerville, KieranMt Petrie Bowmen IncParaCompoundWA 50/72050m3188.8350m3218.926398.8892.50.00
Fernandes, JoelMt Petrie Bowmen IncOpenRecurveWA 70/72070m1704.7270m1684.673384.6944.852.71White
Holland, ThomasMt Petrie Bowmen IncParaRecurveWA 70/72070m2898.0370m2617.255507.6471.80.00
Jennings, AmandaMt Petrie Bowmen IncParaRecurveWA 70/72070m2657.3670m2687.445337.4068.90.00
Kenton-Smith, TaymonSamford Valley Target ArchersParaRecurveWA 70/72070m3048.4470m3118.646158.5485.60.00
Kerslake, ChrisCentenary Archers ClubOpenCompoundWA 50/72050m2948.1750m3078.536018.3582.486.74Red
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