Joshua Turner
Eden Invitation 2022-reg close 27/5/22@23:5129/05/2022
24t WA Field Blue Tourn#1Under 18 Male Compound
#Start At: 2AvgNotes
266517175.67Field All Gold
465516475.33Field All Gold
565516635.33Field All Gold
666517805.67Field All Gold
766517975.67Field All Gold
8665171145.67Field All Gold
9555151295.00Field All Gold
10666181476.00Field Perfect Score
11665171645.67Field All Gold
12666181826.00Field Perfect Score
13665171995.67Field All Gold
14665172165.67Field All Gold
15666182346.00Field Perfect Score
16655162505.33Field All Gold
17666182686.00Field Perfect Score
18666182866.00Field Perfect Score
19655163025.33Field All Gold
20665173195.67Field All Gold
22655163495.33Field All Gold
23666183676.00Field Perfect Score
24665173845.67Field All Gold
1665174015.67Field All Gold
NOTE: Scores shown in red indicate the archer's scoresheet has an error or is invalid. The scores displayed on this page are the valid scores that can be claimed by the archer.