2016 Club Challenge31/03/2016
Level: National / State
DOS: Judge(s):
Archer & PlacingClubRoundScore10's/X'sX'sAvgRatingTotal
Cub Male Compound
1stBarr-Jones, BobbyWarringah Archers IncJunior Canberra84546139.3969.8887
Cub Male Recurve
1stFoley, MaxWarringah Archers IncJunior Canberra490315.4413.1891
2ndSouchaud, BenWarringah Archers IncJunior Canberra322003.58-2.9765
3rdWare, JoshuaWarringah Archers IncJunior Canberra339213.77-1.2761
Intermediate Female Compound
1stHenriksson, VictoriaWarringah Archers IncShort Canberra7481548.3157.1876
Intermediate Male Recurve
1stWare, BenWarringah Archers IncShort Canberra408314.5318.1978
2ndChambers-McLean, JackWarringah Archers IncShort Canberra7551658.3958.4908
3rdSpinks, JaxonWarringah Archers IncShort Canberra555526.1731.8878
Cadet Male Recurve
1stCalandruccio, JoshWarringah Archers IncWA 60/900660717.3353.2926
20 & Under Female Recurve
1stHutchinson, JessicaWarringah Archers IncWA 60/900482325.3634.6885
Open Female Recurve
1stSpencer, LeanneWarringah Archers IncWA 60/9007692488.5470.8877
2ndBlinkhorne, KiriWarringah Archers IncWA 60/900496605.5135.8877
Master Female Recurve
1stHutchinson, LiliaWarringah Archers IncWA 60/900457205.0832.3828
Master Male Recurve
1stCalandruccio, StirlingWarringah Archers IncWA 60/9007411238.2365.4881
2ndHenriksson, BrandtWarringah Archers IncWA 60/9007391748.2165.1856
Veteran Male Compound
1stJennison, StephenWarringah Archers IncWA 60/90081134139.0180.7876
Veteran Male Recurve
1stNolan, AlanWarringah Archers IncWA 60/900669917.4354.4927
2ndSteele, GlennWarringah Archers IncWA 60/9006471137.1951.6889
Veteran+ Female Compound
1stWright, MariaWarringah Archers IncWA 60/90082839139.2085.6902
Veteran+ Male Recurve
1stStasenka, DannyWarringah Archers IncWA 60/900631737.0149.6761
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