EFA Eden Invitation, F1 - 21/05/2017

ArcherClubClassDivisionRoundTotalAverageRating% GMBClassification
Balla, AttilaAdelaide Archery ClubOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3204.4478.082.11Red
Balla, ChrisAdelaide Archery Club20 & UnderCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3254.5179.087.78Gold
Bentley, NicholasAdelaide Archery ClubCadetCompoundWA Field 24Mk Blue3765.2290.0112.50Elite Silver
Blake, MichaelEden Field ArchersMasterCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3394.7184.093.33Gold
Blake, RoryEden Field ArchersIntermediateCompoundWA Field 24Mk Blue3735.1888.0117.33Elite Silver
Blyth, PaulAdelaide Archery Club20 & UnderCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3284.5680.088.89Gold
Blyth, ShannonAdelaide Archery ClubCadetRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue2693.7453.081.54Red
Chambers, MichaelGreat Southern ArchersVeteranCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red2894.0168.075.56Red
Charsley, RhiannanAdelaide Archery ClubCadetRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue2763.8355.084.62Gold
Cheadle, MarkCressy BowmenOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red2894.0168.071.58Blue
Clayfield, IanEden Field ArchersMasterRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red1832.5444.055.00Black
Cross, DavidBlue Lake ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3725.1797.0102.11Grand Master Bowman
Cumming, DominicEden Field ArchersCadetCompoundWA Field 24Mk Blue3594.9982.0102.50Grand Master Bowman
Dall, IanThe Farm Indoor Archery Club IncVeteranRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2753.8264.080.00Red
Demaria, TonyEden Field ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3374.6884.088.42Red
Fry, GeoffEden Field ArchersVeteranRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2092.9049.061.25Black
Gale, SherryVictor Harbor Archery ClubOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3705.1497.0107.78Elite Bronze
Hundertmark, RobinEden Field ArchersVeteran+CompoundWA Field 24Mk Red2733.7964.071.11Blue
Johnson, NaomiAdelaide Archery ClubOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red1952.7146.057.50Black
Kent, GarryEden Field ArchersVeteranBarebow CompoundWA Field 24Mk Blue1712.3831.044.29White
Kowalski, TomEden Field ArchersMasterCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3314.6082.091.11Gold
Kuchel, AndrewGreat Southern ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3935.46107.0112.63Elite Silver
Linnett, ColinEden Field ArchersMasterRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2052.8548.060.00Black
Loi, TonyAdelaide Archery ClubOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3174.4077.081.05Red
Lord, JaiEden Field Archers20 & UnderCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3274.5480.088.89Gold
Lovas-Tiong, AdelynEden Field ArchersIntermediateRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue2553.5449.081.67Red
MacKenzie, AndrewEden Field ArchersOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2463.4257.067.06Blue
Malin, BenEden Field ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3594.9992.096.84Master Bowman
Mamo, JustinEden Field ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3865.36104.0109.47Elite Bronze
Mitchell, GregGreat Southern ArchersOpenCrossbowWA Field 24Mk Red3264.5380.084.21Red
Moffatt, AngusAdelaide Archery ClubIntermediateRecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue2092.9039.060.00Blue
Nichols, DylanMid North ArchersCadetCompoundWA Field 24Mk Blue3294.5771.088.75Gold
Petersen, RicEden Field ArchersVeteran+Barebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue1942.6936.055.38Black
Pettman, DeanAdelaide Archery ClubVeteran+LongbowWA Field 24Mk Yellow2112.9330.054.55Blue
Pettman, PamAdelaide Archery ClubVeteran+LongbowWA Field 24Mk Yellow1592.2119.038.00Black
Potts, GrahamVictor Harbor Archery ClubOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3544.9290.094.74Master Bowman
Souphandavong, SimonAdelaide Archery ClubOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2733.7964.075.29Blue
Steyn, NigelAdelaide Archery ClubOpenBarebow RecurveWA Field 24Mk Blue1672.3230.042.86White
Timbs, LindaEden Field ArchersOpenCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3374.6884.093.33Gold
Tiong, StephenEden Field ArchersVeteranRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red2022.8148.060.00Black
Turner, JoshuaEden Field ArchersCubCompoundWA Field 24Mk Yellow3484.8369.098.57Master Bowman
Twining, AnnaEden Field ArchersCubCompoundWA Field 24Mk Yellow2503.4739.055.71Blue
Twining, DarrenEden Field ArchersOpenRecurveWA Field 24Mk Red00.000.00.00
Walpole, RobertEden Field ArchersVeteranCompoundWA Field 24Mk Red3574.9691.0101.11Grand Master Bowman
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