NSW 720 Championships, NSW 720 Championships - 3/05/2015
DOS: Denise DeavesJudge(s): Andrew Crampton, Denise Deaves, Ian Bessell
Temperature: 20 degreesWind: 10km/hr
ArcherClubClassDivisionRoundTotalAverageRating% GMBClassification
Asidera, IanSOPAOpenCompoundWA 50/7203699.29103.1108.53Elite Bronze
Benson, DiannSouthern Highlands ArchersVeteranCompoundAA 50/7206489.0080.294.35Gold
Bester, DawidSOPAOpenRecurveWA 70/7206028.3682.496.94Master Bowman
Boyle, ToddPenrith City ArchersMasterCompoundWA 50/7206739.35104.8116.44Elite Gold
Buscombe, ScottCessnock Target Archers Inc.OpenCompoundWA 50/7206929.61114.1120.11Elite Gold
Clamback, AliLiverpool City ArchersIntermediateRecurveWA 70/7205347.4269.1115.17Elite Bronze
Coates, AidanSOPAOpenCompoundWA 50/7206519.0496.4101.47Grand Master Bowman
Curran, DanielSOPA20 & UnderCompoundWA 50/7206308.7589.899.78Grand Master Bowman
de Souza, CathNorthern Archers of SydneyOpenRecurveWA 70/7205087.0665.081.25Red
Digby, TyroneNorthern Archers of SydneyMasterCompoundWA 50/7206368.8391.6101.78Grand Master Bowman
Gillett, KevinSOPAVeteranRecurveWA 70/7204866.7561.977.38Red
Handley, PaulNorthern Archers of SydneyOpenRecurveWA 70/7205908.1979.793.76Master Bowman
King, AlexSOPAOpenRecurveWA 70/7206398.8892.4108.71Elite Bronze
King, TaylaSOPAOpenRecurveWA 70/7205768.0076.896.00Master Bowman
Kuestler, KathyNorthern Archers of SydneyOpenRecurveWA 70/7205757.9976.695.75Master Bowman
Kyriazis, NicholasNorthern Archers of SydneyCadetRecurveWA 70/7204686.5059.585.00Gold
Matthews, FlynnPenrith City ArchersCadetCompoundWA 50/7206248.6788.2110.25Elite Bronze
Matton, LisaSOPAOpenRecurveWA 70/7205267.3167.884.75Red
Maxworthy, AnthonyNorthern Archers of SydneyMasterRecurveWA 70/7205467.5871.188.88Gold
Maxworthy, CameronNorthern Archers of SydneyOpenCompoundWA 50/7206258.6888.493.05Gold
McDougall, MathewCessnock Target Archers Inc.OpenCompoundWA 50/7206879.54111.4117.26Elite Gold
Milne, JonathonSOPAOpenCompoundWA 50/7206759.38105.7111.26Elite Silver
Murray, JaymieSOPAOpenRecurveWA 70/7206128.5084.999.88Grand Master Bowman
Murray, JoannaSOPAOpenRecurveWA 70/7205036.9964.380.38Red
Page, MathewSydney University Archery ClubOpenCompoundWA 50/7205517.6572.376.11Blue
Rathsam, NathanShirewood Forest ArchersCadetCompoundWA 50/7205808.0677.897.25Master Bowman
Slender, JohnathonPenrith City ArchersCadetCompoundWA 50/7206138.5185.3106.63Elite Bronze
Soon, CrysandraSydney University Archery ClubOpenRecurveWA 70/7204716.5459.974.88Red
Steiner, MarekGreenlees Archery ClubMasterRecurveWA 70/7204696.5159.774.63Red
Wang, ShaunSOPACadetRecurveWA 70/7206248.6788.1125.86Elite Gold
Wilson, JarrodIllawarra ArchersCadetCompoundWA 50/7206258.6888.4110.50Elite Bronze
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Benson, DiannAustralian 720 Star 645 x 1No claims on record
Bester, DawidAustralian 720 Star 590 x 1No claims on record
Boyle, ToddAustralian 720 Star 665 x 1No claims on record
Buscombe, ScottAustralian 720 Star 685 x 1No claims on record
Coates, AidanAustralian 720 Star 645 x 1No claims on record
Curran, DanielAustralian 720 Star 630 x 1No claims on record
Digby, TyroneAustralian 720 Star 630 x 1No claims on record
Handley, PaulAustralian 720 Star 590 x 1No claims on record
King, AlexAustralian 720 Star 630 x 1No claims on record
King, TaylaAustralian 720 Star 570 x 1No claims on record
Kuestler, KathyAustralian 720 Star 570 x 1No claims on record
McDougall, MathewAustralian 720 Star 685 x 1No claims on record
Milne, JonathonAustralian 720 Star 675 x 1No claims on record
Murray, JaymieAustralian 720 Star 610 x 1No claims on record
Wang, ShaunAustralian 720 Star 610 x 1No claims on record